IoT Cloud Platform

Connecting devices, data and users

SMIP is a web based IoT platform that can connect a variety of smart devices, applications and users.

SMIP can support and integrate devices, services and users from different domains, such as:
  • SMART CITIES – Urban management, Congestion and movement monitoring, Mobility …
  • SMART ENERGY – Smart Grids, Smart Meters …
  • SMART FACTORY – INDUSTRY 4.0 – A Cloud Hosted Alternative to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems …
  • SMART BUILDINGS – Hybrid Energy Management Systems …
  • SMART HEALTHCARE – Telemedicine, Patient monitoring, Remote diagnostics, Activity monitoring
  • SMART HOME – Smart Home Automation, Public surveillance, Asset monitoring …
  • and much more with smart IoT projects!
SMIP is the platform upon which the vertical applications in the Internet of Things are build.

It is designed to connect, monitor and manage a larger number of independent systems of smart devices, large amount of data and large number of users.

SmipCloud and variety of vertical projects

All SMIP based applications share common platform infrastructure, environment and network elements.


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