We participate in the demonstration project Smart energy

We participate in the demonstration project Smart energy

The German government has set the goal of supplying at least 80 percent of its domestic energy demand with renewable energy by 2050 (Source: Monitoring Report by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, “Die Energie der Zukunft in 2014”: Target for 2020 at least 35%,   Target for 2050 at least 80%).

A demonstration project on an apartment building in the town of Speyer (DEU) by using the so-called “Hybrid Energy Management System” (HEMS), which operates in addition to the consumption of electricity from the grid the use of solar power, battery storage and the heat pump has been committed to the production of 31 May 2016. The project is led by Japanese company Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd., with cooperation from the Slovenian subcontractors Robotina d.o.o. (HEMS system) and 3 PORT d.o.o. (HEMS SW support).

More: http://www.nedo.go.jp/english/news/AA5en_100067.html


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